Tomorrow is our 9th Annual Homie Christmas at Casa de McFavorite. You read that right, Homie Christmas. This post is not old, it is very very new. Homie Christmas is our yearly opportunity to kick it with our closest friends and “party like we used to”. When we first started the celebration it took place during the holidays, but a few years back it slipped into January and it’s actually nicer that way. Besides, it’s Homie Christmas so we don’t worry about it. It’s also a day we break from our strict January regiment, but it’s usually not the only day. With the new year we try to abstain from sugar, booze and smoking (3 of our favorite vices) for at least a month. I also do not buy toys. Similar to most people’s resolutions, we try to stick with it and eventually fail and that’s okay. The point is to make life resolutions and just because you slip up now and then, don’t give up. While we may never forgo drinking completely and definitely not sugar, we’re working on the smoking at least and that’s okay.

You know what else is okay, it’s been almost 2 months since our last show. That being the case though, we got mad news. Project Genesis continues to amaze us. Now we just need some alt mode pics. On the opposite end of the size spectrum are these new Lego Star Wars polybags. I’m loving the Umbarran MHC, both scales. One of my favorite figures this year is this guy. Find out if he was worth the almost $100 price tag and if you should hunt him down on the secondary market. Bringing up the rear yet again is G.I. Joe, but at least Wave 2 of the Retaliation was in stock at one retailer.

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We will definitely see you sooner rather than later…Slick