This panel has started. Unfortunately the live blogging software is acting up. Will be posting updates here.

Really proud they won 3 daytime Emmy’s.


  • Bumblebee will talk
  • Played a clip of his voice
  • Will have a talking toy
  • New movie Predacons Rising
  • Zombie Predacons


  • Dinobots? Would like to do at some point
  • Prime will go through the spring
  • Usually plan for 3 seasons of story
  • Found out about ending in time to tie up loose ends
  • New cartoon coming, but there not "confirming" anything
  • Wanted to make Seaspray the baddest Wrecker ever
  • The Target exclusives are the only toys specific to Predacons Rising
  • Wreckers were going to be introduced in the final season
  • They use almost all of what they animate