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  • Going over the same Botcon releases
  • Going over the simplification of the transformations for kids


  • App to build your own bots
  • Contests voted on by fans (funniest, coolest, etc.)
  • Will make the #1 fan voted bot
  • Limitless play
  • Will have some Beast Hunter versions in the spring
  • Transformation core (automated transformations)
  • Classes are based on number of pieces
  • Shockwave coming to Beast Hunters line in 2014
  • Triple Team Class
  • Will be scenes and other

Nothing new for Beast Hunters


  • Legends
  • Cosmos looks amazing!
  • Tailgate
  • Shrapnel! (Sharpshot) in the Cyberverse Targetmaster class
  • Moderate response for Beast Wars
  • FoC Skywarp
  • Armada Starscream
  • Rhinox actually bites and Waspinator flaps his wings
  • Showing CADs for Whirl
  • Whirl has a Gerwalk mode
  • 30 exclusives from now (SDCC) through 2014
  • "Supreme" BH OP with new package for Asia counts
  • Pop up book

Fan Built Bot

  • Autobot Jet
  • Female
  • Turbines in the wings
  • Sword is turbine tornado blade (charges it)
  • Red and Black were the winning colors
  • Name is WindBlade
  • Kabuki style face paint
  • Hopefully in comics
  • Will be the 30th exclusive in 2014


  • No plans for more Dinobots
  • They like combiners, but none planned
  • Somebody just asked them about THEM making Giant or Hercules