SDCC 2013: Mattypoloza Panel

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  • Missed DCUC due to arguing with security guards
  • Just going over existing Watchmen figures


  • Ecto Goggles $110
  • Interacts with PKE Meter
  • Sticker sheets
  • Proton Wand $130
  • Lights and sounds with rumble
  • Ecto 1 pre-order for 6" figures $215
  • Classics Ray and Peter with removable packs

Masters of the Universe

  • Comics – MOTU vs Justice League #1
  • Masters game will be available on Android in the next month
  • Exclusive mini-game, 3 card monty with Orko
  • Figures
  • Jet Sled with a Sky sled
  • Nephthu without stand
  • Lord Daktus
  • Last weapons pack with Kowl in October 13 – with Rattlor’s armor
  • 2-pack of Horder Troopers (one with battle damage, replaceable heads, staff, shield, mace)
  • Geldor
  • More stickers
  • Sea Hawk
  • Plundor
  • Strong-arm (Strong-or) with blaster
  • 2014
  • 12 monthly figures, 2 over-sized $35, 1 for $40, club exclusive figure, holiday item $35
  • Two Bad with shield and mace
  • Glimmer with staff
  • Hydron
  • $40 Modukok 🙂 (Modulok) interchangeable parts
  • Goatman with hammer and staff
  • Subscription figure: Unnamed One (no reveals until subscribers receive him will have )
  • Horde Empire sub map
  • Stan Lee just came in
  • New Standar figure
  • First available at Comikazi 2013
  • Scorpia’s tale flashed on screen


  • No good questions asked

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2 Comments on "SDCC 2013: Mattypoloza Panel"

  1. Dan
    26/07/2013 at 7:52 am Permalink

    “no good questions asked” LMAO!

  2. Slick McFavorite
    27/07/2013 at 7:54 am Permalink

    This panel is always the worst for stupid questions. A bunch of I know you can’t tell us, but can you tell us shit. The one question I wanted to know, no one asked. I should have gotten up for once. I was just curious how the quarterly shipping option would affect QC returns. Mainly because I had to do my first one with Strobo. I had to dig around on Matty’s forum to find out that they will be holding a percentage back if quarterly shippers have any problems.

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