In 2015 a crack podcasting unit was asked to revive a has been show for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly accepted against their will and escaped to the toy community underground. Today, still wanted by the listeners, they survive as podcasters of fortune. If you have a toy question, if no one else can help, and if you can hear them, maybe you can ask the Open Your Toys Team.

Cheesy? Yes. Over the top? Yes. Do I love it? YES! Sometimes you gotta love some cheese. Like this. I love that they made this. But, I really love that they made this. MP Menasor will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. This is as close as to news as we get for Joe. At least Masters has a director, maybe. Unfortunately, this guy’s a music video director named after a McDonald’s gangsta.

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I love it when a plan comes together…Slick