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A year and a half ago I never thought we would get this close. Not to jinx us, but it looks like this is going to happen. The best thing about 100 is Mrs. McFavorite will be back. Unfortunately she has a huge test coming up so the next episode will be delayed, but just by a week at the most. Crazy to think a week is even a delay, but if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been pretty consistent since coming back. That’s all thanks to the new team and our understanding loved ones.

We wrap up Toy Fair with probably the most exciting news of the show coming from Matty and Pixel-Dan. Unfortunately with another relatively lackluster Toy Fair in the bag, that’s not saying much. We did get confirmation via a Hasbro Q and A that another Black Series 6 inch vehicle is coming. The Joecon theme was also confirmed via this year’s brochure. Lastly, got what is probably going to be about a grand to spare? You too could buy an Ultra Magnus that doesn’t even transform. However, he is still pretty bad ass.

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