100 bitch. Mic drop.

Just kidding, you know that’s not our style. Well, we finally made it. Only took us seven and a half years. The best part is while it’s a little long (as usual), it’s just a regular ole’show. No live broadcasts, no themes and no video. Just the gang talking toys like we do. Oh and Mrs. McFavorite shows up for about… 10 minutes (SPOILER).

As usual here are four things we covered that I find interesting. Did you see those G1 Transformers cartoon auctions? I wanted the 1986 story boards so bad, like second mortgage bad, but couldn’t pull trigger. Rumors of a new Big AT-AT surfaced. At the time we all said yeah right, why, then that Rogue One trailer. Oh man, that Rogue One trailer. I’m really digging these MOTU toy patents. We did have one special guest, Mr. Gary Godsoe from What’s on Joe Mind, stop by to talk about how you can Save G.I. Joe.

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