We need your input. If you’re a long time listener, you know my propensity for worrying about long shows. If you’re a recent listener you know we have been doing REALLY long shows. I’m talking 3+ hours. This show in particular is probably our longest ever. I’m a big podcast listener and when I come across shows of this length I just delete them. I know in the past some of our most diehard listeners have said they’re down with long shows. However, that was when we were averaging two hour shows. What say you, the people listening, way too long, just fine, or just shut the fuck up already and talk toys?

Being possibly our longest show ever, we definitely talks some toys. We go in depth on what was confirmed to be the last Botcon, including FunPub’s shut down of TFSource. Could we have gotten one more G.I. Joe Ultimate Gift Set in 2013? All signs point to yes. It seems Matty still can’t make fans happy or possibly everyone just has amnesia. Anti-Enternia He-Man is a CHASE figure people, live with it. Now somethings that are not supposed to be chase figures, but unfortunately will probably end up being so are the next wave of the Walmart exclusive Black Series 3.75 line. While confirmed during this show, they’re actually hitting shelves.

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We’ll see you longer rather than shorter or shorter rather than longer…Slick