Nothing stays the same. Now it’s time for change.

As long time listeners are most likely aware, I’m not the biggest rock enthusiast. I have even made statements to the fact that I don’t necessarily enjoy electric guitars. This is definitely an oversimplification and generalization, but it serves a point. However, there are some groups and songs that will forever live with me, whether it is an especially memorable moment in my life or sometimes just really catchy lyrics. This song by the immortal Crue, serves as both. I find myself singing these same lyrics over and over, primarily because I don’t know any of the other words.

With that said, we still have all the amazing news you have come to expect. Could we have seen almost every new official Hasbro Transformers toy for the next year in one week? Yup, probably so. Will we ever see a MOTUC Snake Mountain? Stay positive. Are we getting new 6 inch Star Wars figures for only $3? Yeah, kind of. Should we support G.I. Joe no matter the cost? Maybe not at this price point.

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Nothing stays the same…Slick