Last time we talked about doing shit. Well no matter how much stuff you can get done it doesn’t compare to working with a team. However, that team only works if everyone pulls their weight. There’s nothing worse than when you depend on people and they drop the ball. At least when it’s just you, you only have yourself to blame. You’re able to control what does and does not get done. The most frustrating thing about a team, is you never know who’s going to show up, physically or metaphorically. People are going to do them, good or bad, and that’s all there is to it.

This show is dominated by SDCC. We know that was almost a month ago, but hey, when have we ever been timely. For Transformers, the little Gnaw was the belle of the ball. For Masters the big news is Classics being taken over by Super7. Pixel Dan gets the scoop on what this means. For Joe at least there were some display cases. For Star Wars it wasn’t much better, but at least we get some cool Black Series 6″ stuff.

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Teamwork makes the dream work…Slick