Have you ever lied? I think that is like asking have you ever breathed. Can anyone honestly say they have never lied or even say they haven’t lied in the last month? There’s lotsa different lies people tell. The nice ones like how somebody looks in something, cover ups that ensure we or the ones we love, like or want to empress see the best possible outcome and those broad stroke “white” ones that don’t fall into either of those categories, but still cause little to no harm. The two you have to look out for are deceit and even more importantly, lying to yourself. Both are destructive and both can cause irreparable harm to not only ourselves, but the people around us. While I don’t think society is ready for people that don’t lie, the next time you feel the need ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Even more so if those lies are damaging your life.

On a brighter note, TOYS! That’s right, toys, bringing kids and grown men joy for decades. This time around Rogue One stuff goes off. Speaking of going off that is what you literally need to do to play Tappers of Grayskull. In contrast to the two previous, Titans Return news hits with “quality” over quantity. And with exactly two news stories, Joe is neither (insert Price is Right “you lost” sound here).

Trust me…Slick

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