Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 111: The Cool Table…

One of my favorite shows just put out a special episode where they used the term “the cool table” to describe an inner circle. Crazy thing is most of them started on other shows, but they didn’t feel like part of those cool tables. I’m sure all of us have felt what it’s like to be on the outside looking in at one time or another. Hopefully at least a few times you’ve felt like you’re at the cool table. It can happen at work, school or even online. I think that can be a pretty big draw to collecting. Finding that hard to find toy, having a ridiculous level of knowledge about an obscure line, or even trolling. They can all make you not only feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself and in some instances can lead to a higher echelon of belonging. The main thing to remember is be yourself. If for some reason other people don’t want you at their table, start your own.

Just like these guys. TFCon has really carved a niche in the Transformers world by catering to 3rd Party with a dedicated panel, and we talk about most of it. At the other end of spectrum, the new kid on the block just happens to have the biggest table of them all and they’re inviting you to kick it with them at Hascon 2017. At yet another con, Mondo’s showed off new 1/6th Masters which will most definitely become a cool table thing. Meanwhile, Hasbro looks like they are going to kick out a huge part of their Star Wars collecting inner circle in lieu of better margins.

Pull up a seat…Slick

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One Comment on "Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 111: The Cool Table…"

  1. AliasAngelAlias
    04/11/2016 at 7:40 am Permalink

    Hello Comrades,

    Thank you for putting out these amazing shows for all to enjoy! We really appreciate your efforts!! 🙂

    I have been hearing a lot about Figure Subscription Services more and more these days. I have zero knowledge about how FSS works. I went to their website and see that they are offering GIJoe Third Class Membership at $44. Is this how much it cost for the entire year? For $44 – pays for 12 club magazine and the yearly subscription bonus figure right? Also… Can you pick and choose which Sub Figures you want to buy instead of forcing you to buy all 12 Sub figures? Another word, I don’t have to buy the entire lot for that year that I subscribe right? Lastly, how much does it really cost to buy in for the entire 12 figures + 1 bonus figure cost with Subscription ($44 + All FSS figs = $???) ? Sorry for all these questions, I tried to search youtube but I had no luck finding someone explaining the system to people who want to join. Thank you for your help guys!


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