It’s a historical night, for good or bad. We are really close to knowing whether a misogynistic racist or a lying political insider will be the next most powerful person in the free world. I’m human, I take sides, however I always have empathy for the other side. I know how it feels to be completely baffled at someone else’s decision. No matter the outcome of tonight, what is important that we as a people, not just Americans, but as Earthlings, start to sympathize with and practice empathy in regard to those we may not see eye to eye with. Maybe then we can finally start really listening to one another and truly progressing.

Speaking of listening, thanks for listening to us talk about a lot of stuff that doesn’t really matter, but at least is fun. We probably spend way too much time talking about this Asian exclusive mace for MP32 Optimus Primal and not nearly enough time about the new Joe-esque Kickstarter, Hell Screamerz. We definitely talk too much about these goofy MOTU Dorbz and definitely not enough time on the latest LucasFilm’s art exhibit, The Power of Costume.

All we are saying, is give empathy a chance…Slick

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