Why do I do this every year? I mean EVERY year. That’s not an exaggeration. Every year Mrs. McFavorite and I say next year will be different. Next year we WILL be done with Christmas stuff by now. Yeah, we literally just started. Now luckily I’m done with presents at least for Lil’ Miss and Mrs. McFavorite. Imagine that, I’m done with the shopping part, however it’s everything else. This includes decorating both inside and out, the ridiculous amount of care packages we do for family and friends and of course good’ole traditions like Santa. As we talk to others, it’s the same situation. Is it all just part of the risk/reward of the holiday season? Is it laziness? It doesn’t seem like it’s that hard, but yet year after year we all do it. Well maybe with the exception of a few over achievers. You know who you are. When will the insanity end? Does this add or detract from the season for you? I’m sure some thrive on this. For the McFavorites it’s pure hell.

It doesn’t get much more hellish than the Transformers 5 trailer. Can we please end Bay’s run, please? At least Matty’s run is ending, but man they too are going out with a bang, in a bad way. Star Wars at least has what we hope is a shining light coming out this week in Rogue One. Unfortunately, much less exciting and the only Joe news is the most likely disappointing Hasbro Cinematic Universe.

Next year WILL be different…Slick

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