Sometimes there’s a confluence of events that dictates the worst possible outcome. Welcome to our Toy Fair episode. Just under two months in the making, this should be our masterpiece. However, it is far from it. It is a cobbled together, multi-hour, mess of an episode, but it is ours and we love it. I dare to say you may love it too if you can make it all the way through. Please do not judge it by its timeliness, its length or lack of team cohesiveness for it is a miracle of circumstance.

Perhaps one of the best examples of circumstance has been Super7 taking the helm of Masters Classics. While the first effort was ideal, pre-orders of only what you want, even the “savior” of the line has understood that it requires an all-in or nothing approach. Which are you? Star Wars gets the award for one of the best ideas, the 40th Anniversary line and one of the worst ideas, Titanium 3.75 inch figurines. Transformers continued to make one of the strongest showings. Even if you’re not a movie fan, the CHUG line or Titans Return line as they are referring to it has some pretty great reveals. As per the usual, Joe is nowhere to be seen outside of a pitiful 3rd-party showing.

May patience be with you, always…Slick

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