We have had a record-breaking lack of news for the last couple of shows. Even in light of some big cons, there just really hasn’t been that much out there. So how the hell are we still at 3+ hours? Because we love this shit. I mean, LOVE IT! Even though the show has gone through a lot of change in the last couple of years, the one thing that has stayed consistent is the love. Love for toys or maybe just a love of collecting. As we get older everything seems to change, either by necessity or by taste. That evolution creates different points of view. That love and those views are why these are so long and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On this show we talk about some things I would have definitely done differently. Take the Takara Tomy 10th Anniversary Movie line, please? Really, only a couple of hard to find figures? What about all those other hard, nay, impossible-to-find figures like DOTM Deluxe Soundwave or Leadfoot? Something else I would like to see done differently is the news updates from Power-Con. We didn’t even get some real confirmations until the hardest working man in the community put out his video. Considering the only two figures I really want from FSS 6.0 are Sub-Zero and Dojo, man, those head accessories. Could a hood and mask look worse? Lastly, something we won’t know about for at least a year, but something Kathleen Kennedy would and did do differently was the Han Solo movie and now Episode IX. I personally can’t wait for their releases so we can hopefully hear the dirt. However, considering Disney contracts, it might be much, much longer.

See what I did there…Slick

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