So this has been planned for the past year, but as with most things in my life, it just kept getting put off. Well after a couple of months of job hunting it is very clear I need to update my skillset. This will be my first real project (i.e. not a tutorial, online course or experiment) since I got laid off. I’m really excited. It’s my old proven process, but using new software, new frameworks and more importantly a new CMS. Unless you develop for the Web that won’t mean much, but for you, it means a new mobile-first (i.e. built for your mobile device) design. There will also be a ton of new features and just a better experience in general. Oh, did I mention a new logo? Yeah, I’m kinda sad about that one, but it’s time.

It’s also time we get some MOTU movie news. We possibly have a director and I’m personally excited. I’m also excited that the AT-ACT has hit a reasonable price. It’s about time. Who would have ever thought Street Fighter Transformers would get the time of day. They did, unfortunately. Something else that is unfortunate is the FSS 7.0 Crystal Ball. My god GJCC, please don’t mess up this time.

Can’t wait…Slick

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