By that title, you might think this is another poor me post. Actually, I just think it’s funny and if you can’t smile at Christmas, when can you? I think I got that from my friend Carlos. His birthday is actually on Christmas. I thought I got a raw deal with the 21st. However, the older I get, especially this year, I appreciate it as a doubly special time. I go right from my birthday to my favorite holiday. It has been pretty amazing. Mrs. McFavorite seemed to enjoy it more than she has in a long time. Lil’ Miss McFavorite is turning into a Christmas junkie. The joy in her eyes while she opens presents could melt the coldest of hearts. What are we are really trying to drive home with her, is the music, movies and presents are wonderful, but what really matters is love. Love for her family, love for her friends and most importantly love for her fellow man.

You know what I love? That we are getting more Mega Construx Masters guys. I really enjoyed the He-Man and Skeletor courtesy of AliasAngelAlias and Lil’ Miss McFavorite. I also dig the Megatron Rules option on the upcoming G2 Megs.  Not quite sure how I feel about a female Snake Eyes, but I do love that her premiere issue sold out. Something I have no doubt about loving is this ridiculously limited Echo Base collection from Columbia. The Han Paraka might be my favorite jacket ever.

Hope yours was the best yet…Slick

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