Remember a couple of shows ago, I talked about a new site? Well as you can tell that hasn’t happened. There has been a lot of other things that needed to get done, that just haven’t got done. Every day I wake up, get Lil’ Miss McFavorite ready, take her to school, come home, clean up, check email, check the groups, eat some breakfast. Then it’s time to start checking job sites, add any new jobs to the list, apply for a job or two, make lunch, check email and the groups again. Then I start trying to up my skill set, then it’s time to pick up the cutie. Then I spend some time with her and it’s off to cook dinner. Then I take some time to be with Mrs. McFavorite. Now it’s time to clean up the kitchen. Then “2 shows” with the boog before she goes to bed. Maybe a little more time with the Mrs. and finally bedtime. What’s missing there? Any kind of time to create, innovate and in general do the things I know need to get done to get hired in my competitive market. I won’t lie, there’s plenty of goofing off in there and it’s not as straightforward as it sounds, but the point is I am not adding to my portfolio, I am not increasing my skillset fast enough, and just in general not getting shit done. All I know right now is major changes are coming.

I do know I love little guys, I know I love Duocons. So these little guys are a no-brainer. Seems like most people know Hasbro is really killing it with their Legends line. From some of the cheapest toys out there to one of the most expensive. We know, for now at least, everytime the UCS Falcon goes up, it’s going to continue to sell out. That’s just crazy knowing it’s $799 price tag. No new toy news for MOTU or Joe, but at least there’s something for each. Nothing to really know yet, but She-Ra is going to have a little anime flava to her and Joe is going to be rebooted in 2020.

I don’t know much, but I know that I love you…Slick

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