Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 136: Your Platform…

So there is a lot talk about using your platform. A platform can really be anything. It doesn’t need to be a national stage. It can be something as simple as parenting your kids. It’s an opportunity for your voice to be heard. What you do with that is key. There are universal truths all of us, well most of us, believe in and stand up for. How about when something you believe in isn’t the most popular stance? Do you still represent? Do you use your platform? Whether you’re speaking with co-workers, posting in an online community or maybe doing something much more public, are you being a force for good? There’s a big movement to be “woke”. Now I’m not saying go out and topple social injustice tomorrow. However, there are a lot of causes that could use our help. I used to volunteer a lot when I was younger and I really miss it. The world can be a better place. All it takes is you, using your platform.

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has had an international platform for 25 years. Not that they’re using it to end hunger or anything, but I for one will miss them. They released their last JoeCon brochure and I was ecstatic about Python Patrol, but a little sad too. The creators of the new She-Ra cartoon are using their social media platforms to spread some news about the upcoming Netflix show. The Star Wars team at Hasbro has another chance with The Vintage Collection and this is the best Wave 1 they could come up with? I was really hoping we would have a Transformers story about Hasbro hitting it out of the park to counter my previous link, but alas it’s all 3rd party. At least this TLK Hound upgrade kit is an example of using someone else’s platform.

Use it or lose it…Slick

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One Comment on "Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 136: Your Platform…"

  1. John Norkus
    10/02/2018 at 12:44 am Permalink

    Hey guys it’s been a long time, it does not look like many people leave comments or questions on here anymore. I’ve been faithfully listening and can’t contribute on the social sites due to the sensitivity of my job so I’ll do this the “old way”

    Question (#1) I’ve recently been going through some problems with my wife due to my collecting getting out of hand. My collection is spilling into rooms in the house that are not meant for collectibles. She has always been supportive of my collecting in the past but now she’s hit a wall with it and is really fed up. Have any of you guys had this or a simular experience happen and how did you handle it?

    Question (#2) Vern it’s been awhile now since you sold off your collection and it seems like your slowly getting back into things. Do you at this point regret selling your collection? What changed your mind to start collecting again?

    Question (#3) Lotus do you ever see yourself becoming a Star Wars fan? With so many new movies in the works outside of the Skywalker story line do you think you might find something that sparks your interest or are you just out on space movies all together?

    Thank you guys for all the hours of toy talk, keep up the great work!

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