So Toy Fair is this weekend and it always brings a rush of news. I remember being in that rat race. Not that we were ever a contender, but I still felt the pressure to get you guys news as fast as possible from the cons we frequented. There’s something that feels so good about being one of the first to know something. It’s very similar to being one of the first people to get a new figure. Why do we care? What’s this a big deal? I think there are two reasons at play for many of us. The first is a sense of accomplishment. That is easily equated to latter scenario, but what about the previous? I feel you do have a similar sense of accomplishment being in the know. You understand the references, the jokes and in our community especially, the complaints. The second reason is far more dubious and you need to be conscious of it to make sure it’s not why you feel so good. That is a sense of superiority. Unfortunately, we see it every day in our community. Having something first, whether it is a material possession or knowledge does not make you better than anyone else, ever. What you do with it is what matters. Share your knowledge freely, help others and above all do it out of a sense of kindness, not supremacy.

Are we talking about Toy Fair this show? No, not yet, we’re still a couple weeks behind, but that’s okay. However, we still have some amazing news this time around. I’m absolutely loving this year’s JoeCon set. While Marauders aren’t my thing, the club is absolutely killing it. Hasbro is also killing Star Wars, literally. They are killing the line with all of their superfluous crap. Is the Masters movie dead again? Not necessarily, but David Goyer is definitely out. Something I can’t wait to come out is MMC’s Bruticus. If this Vortex is any kind of precedent, MMC’s Bruticus will kill it.

Cool it now…Slick

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