Lately, negativity has just been really getting to me. I think it was a little easier to overlook it when my life was on an upswing. Now that my life is less than perfect, my sensitivity to it is magnified. I don’t know if it’s because I am trying my hardest to maintain my own positivity or if I just feel everyone has it better than I do. Now, of course, the latter is a ridiculous exaggeration. I am blessed. My life has been, is, and will be amazing. Some days it’s just harder than others to feel that way. I think the main thing is just being able to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. You have a certain view on basically everything, but another person, based on their upbringing, prior experiences and even what is going on right now, has their view. It’s okay for the views to be different. I just wish people could focus on what they like, again about essentially everything. I’ve never understood why anyone wants to dwell on the bad, but that in of itself is contradictory to my point. People are going to do them, you do you and lets just all try to get along.

Negativity really seems to rear its ugly head when there are new reveals. Our community seems to thrive on love and hate. Either loving to love or loving to hate. Something I really love is the new Black Series Gamorrean Guard. What I am kinda hating right now is the proliferation of stylized collectibles. Funko, Loyal Subjects, and now What Not Toys with their new Joe line capitalize on this need to express fandom. However, I do love that we’re getting more of these little stylized Masters guys. Something I’m saving my hate for is Hasbro’s new Cyberverse cartoon and corresponding figures. I’m sure I’ll find something positive about them.

Put a little love in your heart…Slick

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