Insert whatever you want at the end of that title. I tend to think it’s whatever we feel we don’t have enough of or that we think we may run out of. That could be food, maybe water, even opportunities. There are some universals out there. I don’t think anyone likes wasting money. I guess unless you have so much you can derive joy from getting rid of it, but there’s probably something deeper going on there.

Now people’s idea of wasting money can vary considerably. For one person it could be a material item. I remember my mom constantly saying, “don’t wast your money on that”. For another person, it may be extravagant dinners or for another, it may be as simple as buying store brands because they feel it is just as good the name brand. I think I have found my balance. I am super frugal (i.e. cheap), but I know when it’s worth buying the name brand or when to splurge on a great meal. If you’re listening to our podcast, then you know I got the material item thing down. Well, from a certain point of view.

The one thing at my age that I am still trying to find balance with is time. I have so many things on my life’s to-do list, that when something wastes my time it can be infuriating. Now if you combine that with money, you have a recipe for disaster. I’m usually a pretty emotionally stable guy. Never going too high, but never hitting rock bottom either. However, if something or worse yet, someone, is wasting my time and my money we got problems. I tend to go through a mini 5-Steps of Grief. Denial that my time and money are being wasted. Anger that my time and money got wasted. Trying to make myself feel better by bargaining or rationalizing that it’s not a big deal. Not feeling any better and giving into depression. Finally accepting that money and time have been wasted and trying to move on.

Something I didn’t waste any time or money on was the Solo toy drop that happened with barely a whisper from the community. If you’re hunting, did waste some time making a checklist just for you. For some, stop-motion animation may feel like a complete waste of time, especially considering it takes on average an hour to film one second. I really love it and I’m excited that a Joe stop-motion film festival is debuting in my hometown. Hopefully, something that is not a waste of time and money is Super7 being back in China doing QC reviews of the Power-Con Filmation exclusives. Our first taste wasn’t great. With these coming in just under $200 (with tax, shipping and handling) for three figures, they had better be on point. Looks like Takara wasted an opportunity with their Encore God Fire. This $270 abomination is being recalled due to some serious QC issues. Sorry for the longer than usual diatribe this time around, let’s not waste any more of your time.

I got 99 problems, but a podcast ain’t one…Slick

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