There are all different kinds of love. Some so amazing they are life changing and some we just want to forget. Shared experiences can shape what kind of feelings you have for someone. Being part of a family or a job where you’re on a close-knit team forces you to become intensely intertwined with a multitude of diverse people. Your shared experiences really remind you what kind of person you connect with. For some, you will simply feel no connection. They are there and then gone. Some are fun, make you laugh and you like being around. Then there are the ones at both ends of the spectrum. At the wrong end are people you could go your whole life with never seeing again. No matter how hard you have tried, something or maybe multiple things just rub you the wrong way. And that’s okay. What you need to focus on are the people you never want to lose. Those people you truly want to hold onto, not for what they can do for you, but because they make you a better person. Do you have people like that in your life? If not, that’s okay. They’re out there, just don’t stop looking.

Does that remind you of anything? Maybe collecting? Maybe how you feel about certain pieces in your collection? Okay, that may be a stretch. Something I have never stopped looking for is the perfect version of Leia as Boushh. Is it weird I thought she was sexier as a bad-ass bounty rather than a submissive swimsuit model? This Legends-scale thing in Transformers seems to be neverending. However, I’ll never ask anyone to stop making Magnus figures. Something that is stopping is this FSS thing. I love Joe, I mean really love Joe, but how many of these characters do we need modern/$35 versions of? The Master’s movie seems unstoppable, even if some of us wish it would.

Don’t stop believin’…Slick

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