As I reveal on the show, I have graduated from my Full Stack Web Development Immersive. 480 hours of in-class time with over 400 hours of homework in 3 months. It was no joke. I took a couple weeks off, but now its time to get serious. My only major obstacle is ageism. I didn’t think it existed and I do think it is just surface, however, it affects what you do. Take the title of this article. Sing it to yourself. I almost guarantee most people sing Black Eye Peas anthem from 2003. I sing MC Hammer’s 1988 debut single. That’s right 2 Legit 2 Quit may have been the break out hit, then Can’t Touch This took him to icon level, but Let’s Get it Started is where it began. This is how I feel about my work. If you knew where it came from it would blow your mind. However, compared to modern-day counterparts, it looks dated. That’s about to change. So what am I getting started? I am using my experience to set me apart not hold me back.

Companies are finally learning from their experience. Hasbro Toy Shop has finally listed their SDCC exclusives months in advance of the on-sale date that they also specified. Only took them 15 years to figure that out. Hasbro/Takara also seem to be learning from their past. The new MP Optimus Prime looks amazing. How many versions of it to you foresee buying? Super7 is a quick a learner as well. They have been fine-tuning their MOTU messaging through their Q and A. Unfortunately, to a point where they’re pretty much useless. A company that has never learned their lesson is FunPub. There’s not even a link on their site, but they have delayed their first FSS 7 shipment supposedly due to US Customs. Yet, they are delaying it for almost two months. JoeCon ran just as unsmoothly as usual as well. Considering this is their last year, I guess they’ll never learn.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it…Slick

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