Where the hell is mine? It’s been a year since I was laid off and still can’t seem to find it. Every day I get stuff done, it just never seems to be the things I want, nay, need to accomplish. Selling toys, redesigning the site, redesigning a bunch of other sites, updating my programming projects, never seem to get done. I have tried booze, the other stuff, no booze, no other stuff, nothing seems to motivate me. My house has never been cleaner. I’ve never been so caught up on email or laundry for that fact. The yard work is done. Now, I just need to get done what really needs to get done. I just need a little motivation.

Convention exclusives used to motivate me, however this year the closest it gets is Laughing Adam from Super7. As amazing as it is, that’s a little sad. Masterpiece figures used to motivate me. Unfortunately, we’re over 40 deep and all the new ones are either repaints, Movieverse or Beastwars. New Star Wars movies used to motivate me. Now, that we get one every year, I’m just not that excited anymore. Jedi Temple Archive readers seem to feel the same way. It seems like no one is really motivated by G.I. Joe anymore except for me. Between the JoeCon exclusives and all the new announcements, I’m more motivated to collect Joe than any of the other lines right now.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do…Slick

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