So for over 30 years, I thought the quintessential vacation song from the GoGos went, “Vacation holiday I want it // Vacation had to get away.” It was only after double checking the lyrics for this post did I discover the correct version as reflected in the post title. I was originally going to talk about how I’m on vacation from a job I don’t have. However, I’m kinda done with the depressing unemployment posts. So let’s talk about depressing misconceptions.

Since its Comic-Con weekend, let’s dispell some myths about this show of shows. It is definitely not as glamorous as people that attend make it out to be. There are long lines, annoying people, expensive exclusives, and apathetic staff. You get so excited when anything goes your way because so many things don’t. You literally wait in lines more than you experience things. With all that said, I would most definitely recommend that anyone that has an opportunity to attend, does, just check those expectations at the door.

I think a lot of people have misconceptions about how great a toy G1 Transformers were. With Walmarts reissues coming, I think they’ll be getting a wake-up call about how amazing modern Transformers are. There are huge expectations when it comes to Hasbro’s Sail Barge. Their newest update doesn’t disappoint. Super7 seems to be doing a lot of things right lately. This includes offering their most popular and now sold out SDCC exclusive for pre-order to non-attendees. Unfortunately, those pre-orders are now closed. Joe even has a bit news in this week of weeks for news. There are new posters available for pre-order. They’re cool propaganda ones to boot unfortunately, they’re “sky” based.

I still haven’t gotten over you yet…Slick

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