Sorry it’s been almost a month. Especially considering this is our SDCC 2018 show, it seems like that was an eternity ago. However, I think it was worth the wait. It was really important for the whole crew to represent on what is still the biggest event for action figure collectors in the world. Mutha fudgin’ Comic-Con byothces! Feels amazing to have everyone on just talking toys. I get a little a tipsy, but hey that’s how I do SDCC. The only thing missing is a Fillipi’s pepperoni and sausage with salami. If you ever make it to the “big show” this is a must. Located in Little Italy, just north of the convention center. Grab it to go and eat in the park just west of the con. They always have geeky concerts on the pier in the evenings. It is hands down some of my most favorite times in San Diego, ever.

When it comes to my most favorite things this year, Joe is easy considering there were only really three things. The 1/4 scale Pop Culture Shock Storm Shadow is what a statue should be. Star Wars is easy too. The return of Clone Wars is easily the standout, but especially for a collector like me, the confirmation of animated-style figures is the true dream. Transformers was a bit of a mixed bag. The confirmation of the G1 reissues is great, but not the line-up I would have picked. The Cyberverse stuff is just crap. While I dig the WFC line, the price and size are killing me. The one shining exception is the gorgeous RID homaging Magnus. MOTU had some great reveals as well. However, it’s not the confirmation of Snake Mountain that was my favorite. I’ve always been a Mantenna fan, I especially always liked his Filmation character, as goofy as it was. So his Club Grayskull version is definitely the star of the show for me. Until next year.

Stay classy San Diego…Slick

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