Timing is everything. I have some serious experience with bad timing, especially in the last couple of days. These instances are partly due to running late of which I am a maestro. However, it’s more about behavior in situations, called for or not. I don’t pretend to understand the finer implications or all acts in social situations, but I do understand common courtesy. I practice consummate consideration and expect the people I surround myself with to do the same. There’s a time to look out for number one. There’s a time to put yourself before others. Yet in a group setting or a special occasion, there is no place selfishness. I at times find myself contradicting my own convictions when reiterating this expectation. That’s not okay either. Please remember, while you feel like you’re fighting the good fight, you’re still just fighting.

Something that was mildly divisive in the group, but I personally still love was the Cocks of the Universe. These customs/blind bags were shown/available at Power-Con and are definitely not for everyone. Something just as controversial, at least for our group, was the reveal of the new UCS/Master Builder Lego Star Wars Cloud City. New designs for a possible G.I. Joe mobile game also garnered some difference of opinion. Luckily we can all find some sort of common ground. Especially when it comes to these amazingly engineered custom Constructicon cassettes.

Be the best you, you can be…Slick

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