Hey, we’re at 150 episodes! Mrs. McFavorite is back! I am absolutely ecstatic. How could it get any better? Well, the next show is our 10th ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it has been 10 years of talking toys? It has been and for some reason, it puts a little damper on my excitement for this episode. Why? I find this popping up in real life all time. One event overshadows another to the point of almost ruining the level of excitement that should have been felt. This is a perfect example of why we need to live in the now. Please quit worrying about the past. While you can plan for the future, don’t pin your hopes on it. Love the now. Make the most of your every moment.

To their credit Super7 is definitely living in the now. There’s not months and months of teases and in turn, complaining. We got Wave 2 and I’m loving them so far. Something that is a throwback, but just is absolutely blowing my mind is the new Grimlock statue. It does have some ties to the present because the ’86 movie was just played in over 500 theaters around the US and Canada, many that were sold out and that also just blows my mind. Similarly, something that is now, but the oldest school of all old school is the pretty amazing McQuarrie-inspired “The Star Wars” trailer. Lastly poor G.I. Joe had no news this week again. Can something be overshadowed if it has no presence at all?

Don’t overshadow, shine…Slick

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