Well after the build-up to the 10 years with episode 150. Then an absolutely amazing 10th-anniversary show. Now with the first show of our second decade, I’m just not feeling this blog post. It’s gotta get done, but I’m much more interested in my Saints at 6 and 1 playing the undefeated LA Rams. It’s not just the game. Right now, even after a few very promising interviews, I am still not any closer to a job than over a year ago. I used to feel like I was undefeated. Now all I feel is defeat.

Instead of cleverly trying to incorporate my favorite things from the show into some sort of defeated pun or wordplay, I’m just going talk about them. While I thought DOTM Devastator was an abomination when he was first revealed, he has really grown on me. For that reason, I’m actually pretty excited for a Studio Series version of him. If you’re a Filmation fan, then start rejoicing. There’s a hell of a pre-order right now, including “Ultimate” versions of He-Man and Skeletor on vintage cards. Speaking of vintage packaging, the Sail Barge packaging is both absolutely ridiculous and a thing of beauty. And of course, with the just one piece of news, the only thing to link to for Joe is a terse description of the Snake Eyes movie.

“Believe you are defeated, believe it long enough, and it is likely to become a fact.”…Slick

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