What can I say? It is literally the most significant milestone of the year. A new year can mean whatever you want it to mean. Maybe this is the year you accomplish that goal you’ve been reaching for your entire life. It might be the initial start in a small effort to make yourself healthier, wealthier, or perhaps most importantly, happier. As the years go by and my resolutions fail almost on a regular basis, I have chosen to keep them to myself. However, many may and have benefited from making them public. The more you advertise your resolutions the more support you may receive. Worst case, the more shame you may experience. Maybe that’s the motivation you need.

Do you have any new collecting resolutions? How about the wait until Ross / Ollies / clearance mentality? I know I’m taking that outlook on Predaking. Wish I would have taken it on the Black Series. How about a resolution to diversify your collection? Maybe some fine art? The Mad Duck MOTU posters are a great start. Not nearly as popular as Mondo yet, but still beautiful and some truly great homages. Speaking of homages, Snake Eyes, the movie, looks to be steeped in them. That is if the rumors pan out. If your resolution were to attend more cons, you have fewer choices this year. One of the quintessential means of exposure to multitudes of Star Wars stars has been canceled. Legoland has ceased their Star Wars Days after 10 years of amazing guests, events, and displays. For us missing Botcon, and hoping Hascon would fill that void, it has been postponed indefinitely. Merry New Year.

Just remember, you get a new start every day…Slick

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