I know, based on the release of this episode it should be our Toy Fair episode. Unfortunately, it’s not. We’re hopefully recording that tomorrow. We actually recorded this two weeks ago. I have just been ridiculously lazy. No excuses. Just plain lazy. I haven’t been getting anything done I supposed to be working on. Can’t even blame the ankle anymore. I am finally in a cool “boot” that has really helped with my mobility. I also don’t have to have my leg elevated 24 hours a day. I even went on a final interview yesterday. I may actually be working the next time I write one of these. I’m trying not to jinx it, but man, I’m so close.

Being so close to Toy Fair, Wonderfest stole a little bit of thunder from the first major reveals. One being MP Bumblebee version 2.0. Oh, those feet (in Bobbie Skullface voice). Super7 is so close to actually providing information in their Q and A after almost a year. They’re just not there yet with their wait and see answers. Entertainment Earth didn’t just come close, they hit a home run with their Valentine’s Day promotion, a dozen “Roses” for $20. They offered 12 TBS Roses (6 or 3.75 inch) for only twenty bucks. I’d be curious about how they sold. So close, but our only Joe news from a 3rd Party. Dan Klingensmith is back with volume 6 of his 3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero.

See you sooner rather than later…Slick

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