Quite a few months ago I wrote about my indiscretions when it came to Mrs. McFavorite. I referenced how easy it to be oblivious to situations. I really thought that it was simply a matter of misinterpreting my intentions. It happens right, especially when you’re around each other so much? Well, now I’ve done it again. However, this time it was to someone in a completely different circumstance, but it was just as hurtful. I truly don’t ever mean to hurt anyone. I don’t want to tear people down or essentially, make them feel anything but happiness. However, I know that’s not realistic and it’s even harder when you grow up with a crew that was constantly busting balls. Some would say it was bullying, I just called it a right of passage. The worst thing is that has followed me into adulthood and now I have alienated at least two people that I care about deeply.

Given the seriousness of the situation, I’m not going to write about my top news from each brand like I usually do. If you haven’t ever noticed, as Lil Ms. McFavorite likes to say, it’s a pattern. I’d rather end this with a plea. Quit being so oblivious. Pay close attention to the world around you and how you affect it, especially your loved ones.

I am so sorry…Slick

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