Is there such a thing as too much good? I guess because it’s been such a shit show lately, I’m a little afraid that things are just going too good. You may have heard that I am working again. I started co-organizing a tech meetup and I just secured our next series of speakers. My ankle is doing well enough for me to drive. That’s taken a huge strain off of Mrs. McFavorite. Lil’ Miss McFavorite is killing it at school. I’ve been able to find and actually buy some great new toys. As you can see, I’m due to run out of good sometime soon.

Wanna see the good and not so good of 2018, check out Michael Crawford’s Poppies. It features Michael’s choices, but even better, a curated list voted on by industry standouts, and even a community vote. Don’t know what you missed last year? Now you will. Hasbro Pulse posted an eBay listing many thought was too good to be true. For some, it was, at least for people in the states and Canadia. The Barge will be available, probably for minutes, to some lucky collectors in foreign countries this March 26th. While I dig these MOTU crossover Air Force Ones, I prefer the G.I. Joe crossovers from Asics. They are much more gooder 🙂 Finally, look at all this goodness we missed out on. Some of these Transformers prototypes are simply amazing.

That feels better…Slick

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