I would love to have some statistics on how many of these I have written are downers and how many times things were going good. While not necessarily an accurate reflection on my life, it’s more how I’m at the moment I start to write these. Being that it’s usually late Sunday I can be all over the board. Tonight, I’m not doing so well. Nothing major has changed in the last couple of weeks. It’s literally singular events that have a tendency to make a ruin things for me. It’s a bad way to live, especially if you have a volatile variable in the mix. I wish I could just exclude it from my equations. Unfortunately, it is too meaningful to simply dismiss as I do with so many other things that in the long-run simply don’t matter.

Did you miss out on the Barge? It’s okay, so did I. Mine was literally by a timezone issue, but do you know what? It doesn’t matter. It will be available again, somehow, someway. Do you miss Action Force? I guess Hasbro didn’t. They let the copyright slip away and a fan group has picked it up and are doing some amazing things with it. Here’s something that should not matter to one single person, but we know that’s never the case, there’s always one. Super7 launched its latest line of ReAction MOTU figures. Okay, it matters to me, but just one. Last, but not least is the biggest one, literally. We get some great insight into the new Hasbro Omega Supreme. Will this be the great feeling we’ve all been hoping for or because it’s the fourth large-scale Omega to the market, will it simply not matter?

That didn’t take long…Slick

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