I don’t know how many times I have said those words. In different situations, different rationales, I just keep uttering them to myself. If just saying it could make it happen I couldn’t even imagine the things I would have accomplished. See the things I say these words to myself about are holding back other things in my life. The more they continue, the less the other things get done. I realize this is pretty cryptic, as you have probably come to expect. However, the point is, follow through, don’t make excuses or rationalize, just make sure it’s the last time.

I’m going to break from the norm yet again because while I wanted to get the above out, I also did want to shout our special co-hosts for this show. We had the one-and-only Engineernerd back on. John hails from the prolific Action Figure Blues Podcast. We are also joined from down under by first-time co-host, long-time listener, regular on the Facebook group, and most importantly, good friend, Mark Haddock. We try to refrain from the cliches for the most part, but simply can’t help ourselves at times. Look for Mark (and hopefully John too) to join us again in the new future.

How many more times…Slick

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