Have you ever been so close to achieving something just to have the rug pulled out from underneath you at the last minute? I’ve been a victim of self-sabotage in the past, but this time I was merely sticking up for what was right. Unfortunately, that meant giving up on a goal that meant a lot to me. You can only let things go for so long. However, what’s most important is finding a balance. You don’t constantly have to be fighting the good fight, learn to let go.

I think Hasbro found a good balance with their SDCC MP-10 Ghostbusters crossover. Previously thought to be a waste of resources, the full reveal killed it. Super7 almost gave some useful information in the Q and A this month. However, Brian was a lot more forthcoming in an hour-long talk with Roast Gooble Dinner we recap. Another goal not met this weekend was scoring the new Retro Collection of Star Wars. Luckily it has been recently revealed that they will not be exclusive for long. As usual, there is no Joe news so we’ll leave you an example of why cheaters never prosper, well almost never.

Fight the good fight, most of the time…Slick

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