Last time I got caught up in one of my personal rantings and totally forgot to officially welcome our new co-host. The mastermind behind Turd Party News and Rock the Farting Dad, the one and only R to the O to the C to the K! Not only is Rock back, but we’re also joined by the toy hunter down unter, our favorite AFOLor south of the equator, Mark, the Shark, Haddock. Okay, I added the Shark part, but I think it works. I love the point of view these guys bring to the hobby and I was honored to have them on. Plus I know the more I introduce Lotus to different perspectives, the better off he will be. Just kidding Lotus, I love you just the way you are and couldn’t do without you man.

To take the easy way out this time around, I am going to highlight some great sales at my favorite online store. Big Bad Toy Store has some amazing prices on Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and of course, Transformers. For G.I. Joe, just a warning, beware of buying from Marauder Gun Runners. After more than 10 years of patronage, they are no longer standing behind their orders. Sad when a fan ran company gets too big for their own good. For the whole story, please listen to the show and be on the look out for a huge sale on my almost 60+ figures from their various lines.

Told you I should have used that title last time…Slick

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