Is there something wrong with me? People all around me just seem to take everything a little too seriously. Is this a case of if you think everyone around you is an asshole, you’re probably the asshole? Does my ability to laugh at myself, most situations, and maybe the key factor here, laugh at other people, make me the asshole? I really do struggle to show empathy to people that are constantly worried about things. I have a really bad habit of poking fun not realizing there’s most likely something deeper there. For the most part, I think everyone enjoys certain aspects of their lives. I just don’t understand why they can’t and/or don’t choose to focus on that instead of putting so much negativity out there. Live your best you.

Something that’s got a lot of people being negative is Mattel’s SDCC exclusives. Announced at the last minute, presale in the middle of the night, then a misleading new process. It’s Mattel, what do you expect? I think I’m the only one feeling negative about the new World’s Smallest Joes. Just feel those cards could be more accurate. Speaking of accurate, no one can be negative about this new Transformers G1 packaging 1000 piece puzzle. I cannot wait. Lastly, again on a very personal level is the beautiful new Star Wars cabinet from Arcade1Up. This was easily in my top five as a kid.

Don’t worry, be happy…Slick

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