My mom worked her ass off. I always thought we were poor, but the truth was she was saving everything she could so that she could retire at 48. Being only 5 years from that mark it’s absolutely mind-blowing that she was able to do that. While I inherited some of her traits that unfortunately contribute to my collecting, a love of shopping, a tendency to be a packrat, etc., I also derived some of her more amazing characteristics. Volunteering has always been part of life because of her. In addition, I learned that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. In my profession that usually equates to more hard work and longer hours. However, I gain a higher level of satisfaction from that than almost anything else in my life.

A lot of people think Newage is doing it right. While I love my Cosmos, the price is still killing me on these things. As an example of hard work, the finalists of the Lego Star Wars Greatest Battles killed it. Netflix’s Princesses of Power is on to that next level. Everybody associated with that show has been putting in work, and it’s paying off. Even Joe is working it this year at SDCC.

What are you waiting for…Slick

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