So that yearly event that makes millions of people happy, sad, glad, mad, and almost every other emotion happened again. We, of course, talk about it and I mean TALK. Over 3 hours of all of those emotions rolled up into one beautiful episode for your listening holes. It’s not all just Comic-Con we also sprinkle some TFCon Toronto in there. And when I say sprinkle, I mean it. Hopefully, 3rd party companies are holding back for TFCon US in October. I think as we’ve seen for the last year or so, they’re just holding back. I remember when 3rd party was our largest section, now it’s our smallest. However, that hasn’t stopped the big 4 (uh, 3) from doing their thing.

One change I have dug is Hasbro’s approach to SDCC when it comes to the product pre-orders. Being able to order most of what they reveal the day of is nice. I’m sure they’re excited too as it prays upon the excitement of the moment. I knew I bit on the Reflector/Refraktor G1 3-pack and now I’m having second thoughts. There are absolutely no second thoughts when it comes to the new Mondo Hordak. I was hesitant on the He-Man and Skeletor. Pre-ordered the Faker at a 33% discount, but it got canceled. Loved the Merman, but not important enough of a character for me. Now that Hordak is a no-brainer. Let’s give a big welcome to my first Mondo figure. The only thing more disappointing than a complete lack of Joe news, outside of Rob Leifeld, creator of Deadpool, doing a new Snake Series for IDW, was the lack of Star Wars reveals. Everything is being held back for Triple Force Friday. The one piece of good news we did get was 5 PoA 3.75″ figures are officially no more.

It’s the same ole, same ole, same ole situation…Slick

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