I never thought this day would happen. Of all the hosts we have had over the last 11 years. There have been many occasions where I was not able to record. I have always offered co-hosts the opportunity to run their own show. This even includes Mrs. McFavorite a couple of times. I thought what would be better than the wifey just going off on my collecting. Still no takers, until now! That’s right folks. After 11 years and 168 episodes, it’s the first one sans Slick. Do you know what that means? I finally get to listen to an episode of Open Your Toys Cast.

I don’t think people, especially Rock and Lotus, know how excited I am about that. I truly do think we have the best toy news show on the web. We’ve never really been too promotional. I’ve always liked the family feel. Especially today, I feel like a proud papa ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Now, this isn’t going to be your standard show in terms of rigid show notes and worrying about time. The boys go free form and just talk toys. After all, isn’t that all any us want to do? So, in closing, thank you Rock and Lotus so much for representing OYTC and making my dreams come true.

Playing, playing with the boys…Slick

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