I’ve used a similar title before. I know, because I always double-check. I think it’s because it’s one of my favorite songs and if you haven’t noticed I use a lot of song lyrics and titles for inspiration. However, it’s extremely apropos now because, after only 7 months at my new gig, I got laid off AGAIN. Well not just me, the entire newly hired marketing team. Well except for one guy, but I don’t even want to go there. The point is I’m right back where I was 8 months ago and I can’t even express how that feels. Fear, regret, anxiety, you name it. The missing part from the lyric used is “on my own”. Unfortunately, I’ve already experienced that from what should be my primary support mechanism. I know they can’t help it. They have their own issues to deal with. And, it’s not like this doesn’t affect them. It does, but sometimes I need them to suck up their own trials and tribulations and be there unconditionally. Again, nothing new, just wish it could be different.

The big news, well outside of Unicron being funded. Oh and yeah, I spent $600 on a toy a week before getting laid off that I won’t see for over a year. Let that sink in 🙂 Hasbro announced War for Cybertron: Earthrise. Talk about nothing new and just wishing it could be a little different. The big news for Masters was the shipping update Super7 sent out. Unfortunately, there is no link to it. I’ve noticed this is a pattern with them. When they announce dates, it’s via email without a permanent location to reference and they’ve done it again. Force Friday happened again, well Triple Force Friday. Hear my experience (again one week before being laid off 🙂 and recaps from around the community. And the award for the most independent news of the week goes to friend of the show, Ryan Drost, and his amazing new comic on Kickstarter. Please check out his great concept and with only a few days left he could really use the community’s help.

[Don’t want to be] On my own…Slick

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