I think a lot of people secretly would love to be in my place at least for a while. It seems like a dream, being on a permanent vacation. However, what really messes with your head is how much you feel like you have to do and the battling priorities. I have a big (unpaid) project I’m working on that may let me retire in 5 years, it’s a long shot, but a possibility. Then I have thousands of dollars worth of toys I need to sell. Of course, there is my job hunt. This breaks down into a considerable amount of smaller tasks that range from a few hours to a few days. This all has to get balanced with my non-work life. That consists of being the treasurer of Lil’Miss McFavorite’s PTA, organizing a monthly tech meetup, and finally hosting a semi-popular podcast about the four great action figure franchises of the 80s and all-time. This doesn’t even touch one-off events like birthday parties, date nights, family fun nights, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

All right, enough bitching about my life lets bitch about toys. The only thing to bitch about in regard to Ed’s Galaxy Edge toy run, is the sheer amount of stuff. I can’t wait until our visit next year. I bitch plenty about these Masters of the Universe skate decks from Super7. When it comes to G.I. Joe joining the Transformers Earth Wars game the only reason to bitch is the fact that it is the only news for Joe. Probably the most positive news out of this show is the possibility of getting a new Raiden toy from Takara Tomy. Who doesn’t love a cool train or six?

It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it…Slick

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