Well, I finally got off my ass and did something. It feels so damn good. Not only did I have a super-productive week on the project I’m working on, but I also sold almost $1K in toys. Granted they were some of my most scalpery stuff with the highest secondary market value and I was under the gun on an eBay promotion. But still, it felt good. I priced things reasonably and they sold quick. Within 24 hours 5 of 10 items were out the door on their way to their new homes. Today I plan on doing some more common stuff for the group/groups and hopefully finally getting my own store up and running.

The “big” news this time around was the TFCon 3rd Party panel. However, I think Matthew “Deluxe” Baldwin sums it up well with his latest t-shirt offering. Hasbro shows off its latest level of packaging QC, with multiple errors of perhaps the most popular proper noun in toy history. While not a fail, more so a WTF, Super7 comes out of nowhere with Deluxe (i.e. $45) Japanese Wrestling figures. Lastly, while maybe not the greatest fail, just not what it could have been, is NECA and their street team/ambassador program.

Be the best you, you can be…Slick

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