It’s that time of year again. At least stores want you to think that. Now don’t get me wrong, I am Christmas fanatic. Mrs. McFavorite has tempered things somewhat, as she was never a big Christmas person as an adult. Especially with my birthday several days before Christmas, I love this time of year. However, I don’t want to see decorations and I definitely do want to hear Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving. That gives us an entire month for Christmahanakwanza. Now I get people who may want to get a headstart and that’s their prerogative. But, we have a radio station that started playing holiday music on November 1st. There were decorations in stores even before that. Just saying.

Let’s see how quickly we can do this. Eighteen bucks is too much for a 5 PoA figure, even a Transformer, just saying. The Super7 Snake Mountain is too big, just saying. The Mandalorian is as amazing as everyone is saying, ask Lotus, just saying. As much as I actually liked the first two Joe movies, rebooting with Snake Eyes is probably not a bad idea, just saying.

Patience you must have…Slick

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