One of my favorite fortunes from a cookie goes as follows, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” I love this saying. It’s a great rationale for going full bore and for pulling back when things get a little out of hand. My life has pretty much followed this pattern. Right now I’m in a moderation mode after going a little crazy the last couple of months and it feels great. I’ve found that when you are constantly indulging that you loose appreciation for whatever you’re indulging in. While the holidays are a perfect time for a lack of moderation, just remember you may enjoy things a little more with a little less.

Not often a statue makes into this part of the post, but if you feel like indulging, the new Rancor statue from Sideshow is a good start. Something you still have a chance to splurge on is Super7’s Snake Mountain. The new video shows just how amazing this piece is. If the Studio Series Devastator is not doing it for you, maybe a 3rd Party, $800 version, will satiate you. While probably on the opposite end of indulging since Evergreen Line usually means low-budget, but at least Joe has action figure news.

Indulge in moderation…Slick

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