For some reason, the number 2020 seems so much more futuristic than 2019 or any of the 2000’s except for maybe 2000 itself. Even just seeing it in the title makes me feel like I’m in the future. Now that we got here, when is the next major milestone 2030, 2040? I say 2050 is going to my next, “if I make it that long” date. 30 years seems like an eternity from now. I think about that 30 years ago my “hi-tech” was a pager, cd player, and Super Nintendo. Today I can see and talk to people at my door when I’m across town. I have access to almost every single movie, tv-show, or song from my phone, computer, and television. My 7-year-old daughter can get an answer to almost anything by just asking a little hockey puck-sized device. What do you think the future holds for you?

Right before 2020, the biggest news for Transformers Masterpiece is going to be a throw-back to mostly old school trains. Probably the most popular thing to come out of our community in 2019 is The Child, The Asset, or most commonly, yet incorrectly known as Baby Yoda. However, Hasbro/Lucasfilm was not on their game and we won’t have anything in our hands until 2020. Masters is on track to have a huge coming year. Two cartoons, a movie, and a new line of figures. However, all we are getting are teases. While we’ll be getting a new Joe movie next year, we’ll have to wait another couple of years for the first Joe amusement park.

Catch you next year…Slick

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