So tonight Mrs. McFavorite and I were looking for something to watch. We have broadcast stuff that airs weekly and then we usually have 30 and 60-minute shows we are marathoning. Well, broadcast stuff is just starting to come back from the holidays and we just completed our binge shows. So she asks do we have anything to watch. Well with over 400 shows queued or watchlisted across 4 streaming services we couldn’t decide on anything. It reminded me of when we had over 100 channels with cable and nothing was ever on. What’s crazy is these are actual shows we expressed interest in at some point and we still couldn’t decide on one. Is there just too much out there? In my opinion, it’s the same thing with toys.

Especially in this day and age with companies finally acknowledging that action figures are becoming an adult-driven industry, there is just too much. It’s not as bad if you focus on one franchise. If you’re a Joe fan, there’s next to nothing. Even when stuff is available, it’s literally a tiny amount. MOTU has the second least amount of collectibles right now, but even it is shipping $350 worth of figures this month in a single scale. Now Star Wars has never been a slouch. However, even with 12 to 13 $20 figures coming out for the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, it’s still no match for Transformers. With the proliferation of 3rd party Masterpiece scale, now Legends scale figures, in addition to very active retail lines, there are literally hundreds of figures on the market at any one time. This even includes amazing non-transforming figures such as those from 3A.

When is enough enough…Slick

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